Day One – Beaver KOA

Fox here…

We loaded up our trailer over the last three days to get ready for this epic cross country journey. Our plan was to depart from Las Vegas at 2:00 today, but then disaster broke…literally. I broke a window because I didn’t close it before turning the trailer to fill the water tank. Luckily I have a very understanding spouse and have dealt with trade show emergencies in my past. A few phone calls, a new window purchased, installed, and we were under way by 3:05.

Our arrival to the KOA was greeted with rain, but we were able to quickly connect power, water, and disconnect from the truck.

Not feeling like cooking, we hit the Timberline Inn Restaurant for dinner. The pot roast is amazing and the pork isn’t too shabby either.

3.2% Beer is … interesting.

Tomorrow we’re working from the park then off to our next stop. Somewhere between B and C on the map.

Plan B at Day One?!?

Welp, this is looking promising. We’ve got the trailer after an hour and a half delay to start, and the next plan B is… there is no plate. No temp plate either. Not too thrilled with Airstream right now – a combo of failure to plan, lost passwords, and an unwillingness to call the bank to get their crap together.

So plan B is to drive with no plates (not even a plate frame!) with a 15 day temp moving permit in the window. So… this can’t go wrong when you’re gone for a month and a half!

Not impressed for a company claiming to sell a premium product with premium prices.

Tales from the Hop Inn

Ah, the digital nomad. Going from city to city, laptop and iPhone with hotspot in hand. This will be a short post, but that’s what Andrew and I are going to attempt this fall, a coast to coast trip from Las Vegas NV to Boston MA. The last character in this tale, a 2019 Airstream Globetrotter 27FB. We’ll have photos from the road, best practices, and some “plan B” stories as well I’m sure. The trip starts August 28, the planning and packing is happening now!

Keep track of the tales by following us on the web at and social media to come.