House Cleaning

We are now starting week two of our house cleaning project. We’ve managed to get the two bedrooms, office, dining room, kitchen, living room, and garage mostly cleaned out and ready for this weekend’s estate sale. The dumpster is almost full, another day of lugging stuff from the basement should fill and send it off to dreamland – we will need a second dumpster…

Today’s goal is to get everything for the yard sale into the garage and haul more trash out of the basement.

For those in the King of Prussia area, check out our estate sale at

Day 17: Bingo!

Take two: didn’t hit the save.

Last night, after a day of helping Uncle Mike clean, pack, sort, and prep for his move to the great north (Massachusetts) we headed back to our camp site for dinner. While we were away from the campground more people moved it! Every available spot is now occupied by a camper! They played bingo last night.

Day 16: King of Prussia

We have arrived at Uncle Mike’s place – well sort of… We’re staying at a campground about 30 miles north of Uncle Mike as we want electricity, water, and our own bed. Tomorrow starts the sorting, boxing, and final prep for Mike and his cat’s move to Massachusetts. Next week we start the boxing and prep to get everything Mike wants to his new house.

Today was more corn…

So far we have driven 3082 miles in 61 hours with an average speed of about 51 miles an hour with each of us behind the wheel for about 30.5 hours.

Updated Map

We are here for at least three nights. After that we’ll decide what to do next.

Day 14: Electrics?

We made our way to Sandusky, Ohio today – short drive filled with stops for meetings and work related stuff. I decided that we needed to make a detour to Michigan so that we could say we’ve taken the trailer to yet another state on this journey.

Day 14 Map Update

Eleven states so far!

Once we got to the campground we learned that the 50 Amp circuit on the pole has a dead phases (only half the trailer worked on AC Power). Simple fix, plug in next door.

Trip Math…

I like math. Math is fun. Let’s take a look at the math involved in our cross country trip so far…

  • According to the trip computer, since leaving Las Vegas on Wednesday, August 28th we have traveled a distance of 1,881 miles over 36 hours and 14 minutes. This gives us an average speed of 51.9 miles per hour. During this time the truck was started 54 times. (This includes those by the parking valet to move the vehicle so that number is a little inflated.)
  • Our fuel economy in terms of miles per gallon have ranged from 24.7 mpg on the high side to 2.8 mpg on the low side (that 2.8 was leveling the trailer, and was less than .01 miles). Our average for the trip has been 13.4 miles per gallon.
  • Tire pressure has been stable between 38 and 42 psi
  • We have spent five nights at different campgrounds.

We are 30% through our 6,400 miles journey. 4,520 adventure filled miles to go…

Day Nine: Convention Prep

Last night I took some time to prep for next week. Monday morning we are off to Chicagoland for our first overnight of the week, then the plan is to visit Sandusky, Ohio on Tuesday and Pennwood Airstream Park in New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Wednesday, before heading to Uncle Mike’s on Thursday. From there were will determine how long we will be in the greater King of Prussia are and when we will start the journey west towards home. Until then, we shall enjoy the journey.

Updated Map

Tonight we’ll be setting up our stand at FurryMigration and working the event over the weekend.

Day Seven: Laundry Day

Yesterday we made our way to our week long docking spot at one of Sean’s co-workers. Many thanks to the five of them (Mom, Dad, Baby, and two dogs) for letting us store our camper in their driveway for the week, we sincerely appreciate it. We then made our way to the lovely hotel Emery in downtown Minneapolis.

Unfortunately for me the hotel does not have guest laundry facilities other than dry cleaning. So here I sit waiting for the wash to be done! It’s pretty relaxing and I am able to get caught up on a weeks worth of news.

The plan for this week is to work from the hotel until Thursday then setup and vend books at FurryMigration over the weekend.

More than likely wont be any posts until Monday when we hit the road again.

Day Five: Map Update

We have arrived safely at our first overnight in the greater Minneapolis area. Tomorrow we will drop the trailer off at a friends for the week and check into a hotel for FurryMigration later this week into the weekend.

We’re now more than half way to King of Prussia…

We did visit ValleyFair for a few hours this afternoon to take in the Corn Feast and enjoy so evening roller coaster action. Tomorrow we shall meet friends at the park and enjoy a day swimming, rides, and food…