The past eight days…

Each morning we would wake up at six, change into our work clothes, make a pot of coffee, and get to cleaning. The first four days were spent sorting the things to be saved, the things to be sold/recycled/re-homed, and the things to throw away.

The dumpster showed up on day three and was filled by the end of day four. It was emptied and returned on day five.

Day six we had a yard sale to sell/re-home as much as we could. It went okay, but not as good as that Grafton yard sale back in 2009. Many thanks to Giza for stopping by to keep us company and enjoy some much needed beer.

By Sunday (Day 7) we were exhausted and, with the help of a friend, staged all the items to be sent to Uncle Mike in the now clean garage.

Sunday Afternoon we visited Dorney Park in Allentown, PA for lunch and a few rides before admitting defeat and returning to the house to rest. Sore muscles demanded naps. Later in the afternoon I got my second wind and cleaned out the office getting everything ready for travel.

Now it’s Monday, and the house has been broom swept in the basement, floors have been wet-mopped upstairs and carpets vacuumed. The only two rooms with things in them are the office and bathroom, which we are using (as well as the island in the kitchen, which is our staging area for cleaning supplies).

Uncle Jed and Aunt Pat are coming up to pick up some heirlooms today and go to dinner with us.

Later tonight I will take yet another shower and do yet another load of laundry.

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